Bar B Q Tonight Restaurant

The Bar.B.Q Tonight Restaurant was inaugurated on 10-11-1988 by Sardar Brothers whose sincere efforts paved a way to make it a symbol of hygiene and quality. Their aspirations yielded fruitful results and raised the name of BAR B Q Tonight sky-high. Their devotion, determination, dedication and diligence made it possible to win the hearts and minds of people who would visit the restaurant in its early days. BAR B Q Tonight set a new standard in offering large variety of barbecue food in a unique manner.

In this modern era of global competition, only lip service cannot satisfy the customers. We do not believe in words which are not supplemented by deeds. We do mean what we claim.

We give prime importance to the quality of our offerings. We serve only what meets the high standards of quality & internationally acceptable principles of hygiene.

Bar B Q Tonight is known for its pleasant environment and friendly atmosphere which makes customers feel at home.

Our highly skilled workforce leaves no stone unturned to satisfy the needs of our reverend customers.

Quality Policy

BAR B Q Tonight strives to ensure quality to all customers by continually improving the effectiveness of Quality Management System. To that end, BAR B Q Tonight works to the highest standards and specifications, not just for product ingredients but also towards every detail of production, transport, delivery, preparation and service.

A focus on quality permeates every aspect of our business. Our standards lead the food industry, and we continue to work towards international standards for total quality, food safety and the environment.

BAR B Q Tonight also recognizes the importance of a balanced diet and lifestyle and continues to seek new quality products which satisfy customer expectations for taste and value. This dedication to quality earns the degree of trust customers place in the BAR B Tonight’s name.

CEO’s Message

The best test of quality is absolute satisfaction of customers. We have the passion to accomplish the goal of fulfilling the needs of our customers. Our Asian culture has great food variety. BAr B Q Tonight strives to keep this alive. Culture, as a tough opponent of globalization, is defended whenever people defend their cuisine. BAR B Q Tonight is proud that we keep our culture alive by presenting our Asian food in the manner that attracts the masses of our society . We assure you that we will keep on doing our best with vigour, will, honesty and pride.

Bar B Q Tonight Malaysia Franchise 

Key team members

Sardar Abdul Rahim


Sardar Abdul Qayyum


Sardar Abdul Khaliq


Tahir Ahmed


Muhammad Yousuf Iqbal

Sardar Abdul Aziz


Sardar Abdul Rehman


Sardar Muhammad Ishaq


Sardar Fahad Qayyum


Sardar Idris

Managing Director