Chicken Malai Tikka

Malai Tikka Boneless Chicken pieces marinated in a creamy herb marinade.

Grilled Whole Pomfret

Grilled Whole Pomfret Barbecued Whole Pomfret marinated with a special marinade & served with fries.

Afghani Chicken Kabab

Afghani Chicken Kabab is a delicay not to be missed at bbq tonight singapore




Premium Drinking Water (Small)                MYR 3

MYR 3 Premium Drinking Water (Small)
MYR 3 Green Tea
MYR 3 Soft Drink
MYR 3 Tea Black
MYR 3 Tea Tareh
MYR 5 Fresh Lime With Soft Drink
MYR 5 Premium Drinking Water (Large)
MYR 5 Tea With Milk
MYR 6 Coffee (Nescafe)
MYR 6 Seasonal Fresh Fruit
MYR 10 Lassi (Sweet/Salty/Mango)



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