Chicken Malai Tikka

Malai Tikka Boneless Chicken pieces marinated in a creamy herb marinade.

Grilled Whole Pomfret

Grilled Whole Pomfret Barbecued Whole Pomfret marinated with a special marinade & served with fries.

Afghani Chicken Kabab

Afghani Chicken Kabab is a delicay not to be missed at bbq tonight singapore

Seafood Specialities

BBQ Fish Tikka

BBQ Fish Tikka

Seafood Specialities

MYR 12 Bbq Fish Tikka Cubes Of Delicate Fish Marinated With Chillies,Ginger Garlic & Coriander Seeds Served With French Fries & Tamarind Sauce.




MYR 12 Calamari Masala Calamari Cooked With Tomatoes,Onions & Spices.
MYR 12 Fried Fish Fillet Of Fish Coated With Bread Crumbs Deep Fried & Served With Fish Fries.
MYR 14 Fish Curry Special Fish Diced And Cooked In Tomatoes,Browned Onions Gravy.
MYR 20 Grilled Whole Pomfret Barbecue Whole Pomfred Marinated With A Special Spices Served With Fries
MYR 20 Fried Pomfret Whole Pomfret Coated With Bread Crumbs Deep Fried & Served With Fries.
MYR 25 Fried Prawns Crispy Prawns Deep Fried In Our Special Herbed Batter & Served & With French Fries And Hot Sauce.
MYR 25 Prawn Masala Prawns Cooked In Tomatoes & Onions Gravy.
MYR 30 Grilled Jumbo Prwns Jumbo Prawns Marinated With Mustard,Black Pepper &Lemon Juice Grilled Over Charcoal Pit,Served With French Fries & Mustard Sauce.

Sea Food Specialities


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